made_by_kali (made_by_kali) wrote in pgsm_fanfiction,

Author Name: Kali
Story Title: Interesting
Genre: Humor
Rating: Teens and up
Warnings: Suggestion of what comes afterwards
Pairing: Usa/Mamo(I know, I'm actually writing something that's NOT Nef/Ami
Time Frame: Post Series
Status: Complete

The dark figure cut through the shadows like she was merely an extention of them. Her steps were sure, yet silent, her eyes focused on her target.

She leapt, graceful as a crane, to the balcony above and -

The Prince of Earth woke up instantaneously, immediately aware of the lack of a warm presense beside him. He fumbled to turn on the bedside lamp, but his clumsy fingers couldn't locate the switch. With an exasperated sigh, he dragged himself out of bed to investigate what woke him.

The commotion on the balcony drew his attention. The squealing and squawking was most definitely not caused by the local fauna, and he stumbled his way over.

Dangling from the balcony was a slender ninja with suspiciously long hair cascading down her back. "Usagi, what the hell are you doing?" he asked as he pulled her over the railing.

Although he couldn't see his wife's lips because of her mask, he could tell she was pouting by her tone. "One of my magazines suggested a little roleplaying to 'make things interesting.'"

He eyed her electrical tape and sweatsuit ensemble. "Couldn't you have just worn your old school uniform or something?"

"That's boring!" She crossed her arms over her chest. "I wanted something interesting."

"I'll give you 'interesting.'" He had to think to keep his eyes from automatically rolling. "But how about you try cosplaying a slightly less dangerous profession, like a bunny waitress."

"Hmph. I bet Motoki doesn't ask Mako-chan to dress up like a bunny-girl."

"No, she's probably in a turtle-suit. Now, can we please go inside, the neighbors are starting to stare." He led the way back into the dark apartment, completely oblivious to the roll of tape Usagi pulled from her belt.
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