made_by_kali (made_by_kali) wrote in pgsm_fanfiction,

Beta- Readers

Name - made_by_kali
Alt - kaligoddess at gmail dot com
Ratings - All
Genre - All
Parings - All but Minako/Rei (I just don't see it, don't kill me)
Squicks - No Snuff/Rape/Incest/Torture,

Name - Dal, or [info]slaygirl
Alt Contact -
Ratings - Anything from G - NC-17
Genres - ...well. I'll beta for anything. I just have a hard time with technical things during sex and/or action sequences. I'll tell you if your dialogue is believable or if your grammar is on-track, or if you have a plot hole that you need to fix. I probably won't be able to tell you if someone's back can really bend that way, because chances are that I don't know. If it's a big inaccuracy that I can catch, I'll tell you, but I'm unsure as to how nitpicky I can be for things like that.
Pairings - Anything goes as far as I'm concerned. Slash, het or femmeslash. Strange pairings are my thing in particular, though - I've always been of this "the weirder, the better" mindset, so if it's not a common pairing, don't be afraid to come to me. That doesn't mean that I won't read or beta for more common pairings, though. Like I said, anything goes.
Squicks - I am unsquickable. There is literally no situation or pairing that you can write that will disturb me so much that I won't beta for you. So...bring it on, I guess.

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