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Two Rei/Minako fics

Just joined the community. Name's Rae. I'm doing the Fanfic100 challenge with the pairing of Hino Rei and Aino Minako, so I thought I'd post some stuff here. I hope you guys like it.

Author Name: Rae (shoeboxscraps)
Story Title: The Start of Something
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: Contains shoujo-ai
Pairing: Hino Rei/Aino Minako
Time Frame: During the series
Status: Complete

"Venus, wait!" Rei called, chasing after the (currently, at least) blonde. The girl in the orange skirt ignored her and kept walking away.
"Just come with us, Rei..." Ami said gently.
"The battle's over," Makoto said.
Rei shook her head, not even bothering to turn around. "It's Mars," she said coldly, "and you can go on without me. I'll meet you at Crown later."
Ami and Makoto opened their mouths to protest, but luckily, Usagi was already back to her normal self, at least on the inside. "All right! Karaoke at Crown! Ami-chan! Mako-chan let's go!"
Rei quickly dashed off after Minako before the others even started transforming back. "Wait!!! VENUS!" she called.
"Do not follow me, Mars" Aino Minako replied.
Rei ignored this "What were you thinking? You couldn't've possibly taken on that many yoma by yourself! If we hadn't gotten here-"
Minako turned around sharply, her eyes glinting in the fading light. "I was thinking that it isn't your job to guard me. Your job is to guard the Princess. Something you should be doing now."
Rei looked down. She should have gone with Usagi and the others. But surely there wouldn't be another attack so shortly after the first. "Jupiter and Mercury are with her. But you were going off by yourself-"
"As I said, it isn't your job to guard me," Minako said again. "Besides. I lied to you. I'm not the Princess. I thought you were angry with me."
"I was!" Rei shouted.
"Well then," Minako replied, turning on her heel.
Rei bit her lip. She had a temper as fiery as her powers, but she'd have to hold it in check if she wanted to have this conversation. She reached out and grabbed Minako's arm. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I just... I just wish you wouldn't disappear after a fight like this."
Minako turned to face Rei, a small smile on her face. An orange glow surrounded her, and her blonde hair turned black and her senshi outfit turned back into everyday street clothes. She had a baseball cap pulled low over her face, to keep people from recognizing her. "You know the Princess would flip if she knew who I was."
Rei couldn't help but smile as she transformed back as well. Tsukino Usagi, the Moon Princess, was obsessed with pop idol Aino Minako. Rei couldn't even imagine the look on her friend's face if she found out who she'd REALLY been fighting alongside for the past month or so. Still, she wished Minako would spend some more time with them. "Usagi would get over it... eventually."
"Eventually," Minako repeated, laughing softly. "Still... it's best if I stay alone. It would bring you into the spotlight, which is hardly something we need."
Rei frowned. It was logical, but it sounded like an excuse to her. "But Minako!" She received a look. "Venus," she corrected herself. She had not earned the right to call the leader of the four sailor senshi by her real name. "What if you get attacked again? That man - Kunzite - he could come back."
Minako looked Rei dead in the eye. "He won't. And it's still not your job to guard me."
Rei sighed "But what if..." There was nothing for it. She'd come to say it and she would, or it would haunt her. "But what if I want to?" Minako took a step back, surprise obvious in her dark eyes. Rei took a breath. "Ever since you showed yourself to us, I've had this feeling. I can't really explain it... I'm not good at that sort of thing. But I keep feeling... that if anything ever happened to you, I'd die."
Minako looked down, digesting this information. To Rei's surprise, when she looked up, she was smiling. She took Rei's hands in her own. "Mars," she whispered.
Rei found it difficult to speak, "Please call me Rei."
Minako took a step towards the young priestess. "Rei." The name was like a symphony contained in a single syllable. Minako allowed her lips to gently brush Rei's cheek. "Please call me Minako."
Rei was speechless. She searched for words, but they wouldn't come. She stared, open mouthed. Minako smiled mischievously. "I should go. My manager will be furious with me. You know where I live I believe?" Rei nodded dumbly. "See you tomorrow then? I will let security know you are coming." Rei nodded faster. She couldn't believe this was happening. "Great!" Minako began to walk away. She waved, "Goodnight, Rei-chan!"
Rei felt warmth flood her as she waved back in disbelief. She stood there for a long time. Finally, long after Minako had gone, she whispered, "Goodnight Minako-chan."

Author Name: Rae (shoeboxscraps)
Story Title: Fire and Love
Genre: Romance
Rating: r
Warnings: Contains shoujo-ai and sex
Pairing: Hino Rei/Aino Minako
Time Frame: During the series
Status: Complete

They were Rei and Minako this time. Sometimes they were Mars and Venus, but things were always different. They were only Mars and Venus when it was too hard to be Rei and Minako. Now it was too hard not to be.
Another day. Another battle. More time spent pretending to be people they weren't. Those days were the ones when they needed to loose their masks. Those were the days when they needed each other. When they needed to touch. To feel. To make sure that deep down, they were still there.
"Minako," Rei whispered, a plea, nearly a beg. Minako couldn't bear to hear the anguish in her voice.
"I know" she said, silencing Rei with a kiss and undoing the clasp of her bra. Minako loved Rei's breasts. Some might call them small, but they were perfect. Inviting, tempting. She moved her lips down to them as Rei relieved her of her own bra. A shiver went down her spine. Partially from pleasure. Partially from longing. Partially from fear. The fear that this time Rei wouldn't be able to keep away the doubt. "I need you, Rei-chan. "
Rei had no words to reassure Minako, so she merely kissed her fiercely, her hands roaming her body. She paused at Minako's breasts, plump and tender, caressing them gently before moving farther down. Normally, when she reached the hem of Minako's panties, she'd play with it, teasing her. But this time Rei wanted her too much. No, NEEDED her too much. She pushed Minako on to the bed, and yanked off her panties. And their warrior selves were stripped away.
"Rei," Minako said, something like relief mixed with the need on her face. She slid Rei's panties off, and suddenly there was no Mars and no Venus. Minako leaned close to Rei and whispered, half seductively, have pleadingly "Fuck me."
Rei smiled, "As you wish." Again she kissed as she let her hands wander, and now her mouth as well. As Minako moaned in ecstasy, the priestess and the pop star disappeared. Rei's hand slid into Minako's perfectly silky slit, as Minako kissed Reis breasts again and again, before desire overwhelmed her and she flipped on top of Rei, kissing her fiercely, and letting her lips slide down, over her breasts, past her hips, between her thighs, into that secret spot where only Minako was allowed. "MINAKOOOOO!" Rei cried out as Minako expertly flicked her tongue all around in and out of Rei, loving her, tasting her. Ecstasy burst from within them, erasing all worry and anger of absentee fathers and potentially fatal tumors. And they were only Rei and Minako.
Their fears had vanished. But still they needed each other. More than ever, perhaps. Their love became fiercer. Rei flipped them once more, exploring Minako. She turned, her face between Minako's thighs, Minako's face between hers. And they loved. Furiously. Longingly. Achingly. Passionately. The more they loved, the more layers were stripped away, until there was only Fire and Love.
And still they loved, their cries echoed around the room. "MORE! Oh, please MORE!" "FASTER!" "Just like that. JUST like THAT!" "Ohhhh dear LORD that's GOOD" They touched, kissed, licked, all over each other, their screams of pleasure becoming louder and louder. Not a spot on either body was left untouched, and they learned what it felt like to be inside the other. They didn't want to stop. They couldn't stop. This was real. They could trust this. This might be all they could trust.
There is only so much a girl can go through, no matter how much she may want more, and soon the two collapsed next to each other in a tangle of sheets. They were damp, but they didn't care. They would sleep in each others juices. It was almost comforting. Another thing that was real.
Slowly, as they caught their breath, they returned to being Rei and Minako. But the feeling of simply being Fire and Love lingered, and they clung to it, as they clung to each other.
"You are beautiful, Minako-chan" Rei said hoarsely
"Not as much as you" Minako replied, kissing her ever so lightly.
They lied there in silence for some time, staring at each other. Then, as Minako whispered "Thank you," Rei whispered "I love you." They smiled, and knew that nothing more needed to be said. They curled closer to each other and drifted off, calm and unworried for once. There was no need for worry. No matter what happened outside, they had found their cores, and shared them. They knew that, inside, all they were was Fire and Love. And that was more than enough.
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