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Everything Will Be Better (Rei/Minako)

Author Name: Raye (shoeboxscraps)
Story Title: Everything Will Be Better
Genre: Romance-ish, I guess
Rating: G
Warnings: Contains Shoujo-ai
Pairing: Rei/Minako
Time Frame: Toward the end of the series
Status: Complete

don't</i> die, you'll only get sicker. Do you think I could bear that? To watch you get sicker and sicker, wasting away? I love you Minako. Look at me. I love you." She put two fingers under Minako's chin, lifting her head up. Rei's eyes shone with tears of frustration and worry. "Is our past life really so much more important than this one? Is it more important then the love we share? I can't bear to loose you, Minako."
Minako couldn't help it. She leapt up off the bed, wrapping her arms around Rei. She hugged Rei tightly, tears in her eyes. "I love you, Rei-chan. I love you so much." Tears flowed from her eyes. "Don't ever say you're not important, Rei. You are the most important thing to me."
Rei smiled a bit. "More important than the past life?"
Minako gulped and nodded. "Yes. More important than anything."
Rei held her close. "So you'll have the operation?"
"You'll be better soon, Minako." Rei said, guiding her back to the bed to sit down.
"It's still dangerous, Rei" Minako warned, sitting close to her. "There's a chance... I might not.... I could..."
"Shh!" Rei said, shaking her head fiercely. "You'll make it, you have to. You'll get fixed and everything will be better."
Minako smiled. She couldn't help it. Rei always made her smile. "Yes. Everything will be better." She kissed Rei gently, holding her.
"I love you."
"I love you."
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