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This community is dedicated to (live-action) Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fan fiction.

This community was envisioned as a place not only to share PGSM fiction, but to get critiques, find a beta-reader, recommend a good fiction find, get canon information or just shoot the breeze about writing in general.

This community is both het and slash friendly.

All LJ members are welcome to join, whether they are authors or not.

The Posting Guidelines

1. Keep it on topic. If it's not about PGSM (and preferably about PGSM fanfiction), please post it somewhere else.

2. Play nice. No personal attacks on actual people or their fiction, whether they are members or not. No trolling, no bigotry.

3. No one word comments please.

4. Community promos are fine so long as they are only done once.

5. Please lj-cut posts that would be considered over a PG-13 rating. This includes swearing, graphic sexual content, or graphic violence.

6. Please use lj-cut common sense. Large images or multiple images go behind a cut. Large blocks of text (like entire chapters) go behind cuts. And so on...

How to Post a Story

If you would like to post your story, please preface the lj-cut with the following information-

Author Name:
Story Title:
Chapter Number: If incomplete or a multi-part story
Warnings: If story is rated PG-13 or higher please include warnings for squicks
Pairing: Only if pairing is central to plot
Time Frame: Pre-series, Post-series, or Episode time frame
Status: Incomplete/Complete

If you would like to post a link to your story which is archived elsewhere, feel free to do so, but please preface the link with the same information.

The Journal Archive

All PGSM authors are encouraged to post their work at the Journal Archive.

To Recommend a Story

Please include all the information that is requested to post your own story. Please also include a brief review of the story and why you are recommending it. Please link to the story in question, do not post the text of the story here unless the author has given you permission to do so.

Beta Readers

If you are looking to beta read, please comment Here

If you are looking for a beta reader, please check Here

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